With the sun shining bright and the daytime temperatures rising steadily with each passing day, it’s safe to say that summer season is peeking around the corner in Dubai – and that means its time for a major wardrobe overhaul!

In the UAE (which is about 80% desert), summer days are characterized by the scorching sun, soaring temperatures, and high humidity levels. So, if you don’t want to get soaked in sweat every time you step out in this extreme weather, you’ll have to make sure that you’re properly dressed.

The fabric you choose to wear during the hot summer months can have a major impact on your comfort level as well as your overall look. Roomy, airy and light fabrics work best if you want to remain comfortable and avoid sweat stains.

Here are 5 best summer fabrics that’ll go a long way in helping you beat the heat in Dubai:

 1) Cotton

Cheap, crisp and widely available, cotton is definitely one of the best fabrics for hot weather conditions. Cotton clothes work best during Dubai summers because they’re soft, lightweight and breathable. Cotton is also a highly versatile and popular fabric, so you have a wide range of designs and colors to choose from.

One of the downsides of using pure cotton garments is that they get wrinkled and creased easily – but that’s nothing your laundry service can’t fix with a steam iron. If the wrinkles bother you too much, you can even go for cotton blends that don’t require regular ironing (e-g cotton-polyester).

Cotton is also a super-absorbent fabric – and that can work both in and against your favor. You see, cotton constantly absorbs sweat and allows heat to escape the body. While that means you can benefit from the cooling effect of cotton, it also means that you may get sweat stains, especially if you’re wearing light colors.

 2) Linen                             

If you want a breathable summer fabric that won’t annoyingly cling to your body during the summer heat, go for linen. Linen is a light fabric that’s made up of loosely woven plant fibers. Its exceptionally absorbent so it allows heat to rapidly escape from the body. Linen also dries quicker than cotton so it’s less likely to give you sweat patches.

Linen is a stiffer fabric, so it holds its shapes and doesn’t stick to the body, even in the hottest months. And even though linen gets creased easily, crinkles usually add to the overall look, style, and feel of linen so you can fashionably pull it off.

 3) Silk Georgette

This one works well for formal events and special occasions. Lightweight, delicate and semi-sheer, silk georgette is a crease-resistant fabric that feels pleasant on the skin, especially during early summertime.

While silk georgette is less breathable than cotton and linen, it has a natural spring to it. This bounce is the reason why silk georgette is commonly used to make dresses, evening gowns, scarves, and skirts. Compared to other delicate fabrics, Silk Georgette is stronger and easier to dye. That’s why it’s available in a range of vibrant colors and eye-pleasing prints.

 4) Rayon

Rayon, a manmade fabric manufactured from all-natural sources such as cotton and wood pulp, was originally invented as a cheaper alternative to silk. However, due to its thin fibers, rayon soon gained popularity as a light and breathable fabric.

Rayon is a stretchy, super-absorbent fabric that dyes well so it’s an ideal choice for sportswear and athletic apparel. But if you choose to go for a rayon, remember to take proper care of it. Rayon can shrink when washed in warm water so it’s always better to have a professional laundry service handle your rayon apparel.

 5) Chambray

Here’s a summer tip for you: replace all your denim with chambray. Even though denim is tight-woven cotton, it’s still a heavier fabric that’s more suitable for winters – but with Chambray around, you don’t have to give up on your love for denim, not even in Dubai summers.

Chambray is a super-soft and lightweight natural fabric made from woven cotton or linen. The fun thing about Chambray is that it looks a lot like Denim but isn’t quite the same fabric. That’s why Chambray is considered a more breathable and summer-friendly alternative to denim.

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