They never grow obsolete; they have been with us since 1500 BC. They are elegant, warm and exceptionally versatile. They can be worn on any occasion- from work dinners to semi-formal gatherings and meetups. In winters, they are an essential wardrobe staple. Do not underestimate them for they can keep you warm and merry on a cold day.

They are woollies! 

Woollies (plural, noun): Another word for lovely garments spun, woven or knitted from wool, a textile fiber obtained from sheep or other animals.

Washing Wool Can Be A Challenge

As much as you love your woolen garments, they have one drawback; Wool is a delicate fabric that is prone to stretching and shrinkage so it can be difficult to get both stains and creases out of it. Extra caution is required to wash and iron wool garments.At White Spot Laundry Shop, we know how washing and ironing wool fabric can be a challenging, time-consuming and downright risky process for busy professionals.That is why our expert launderers do it for you.

Woolen Garments at White Spot Laundry Service

Your woollies are special, and they require special care. That is why we follow a special wool care protocol (Woolmark certified garment care) to keep your woollies in tip-top shape.

Here are 7 steps we take to take care of your woollies:

  • We Empty the Pockets

Our laundry dubai store staff begins with the basics. We start by checking your pockets for the items you might have forgotten there. This pre-wash step might seem small and insignificant, but it isn’t.

Wool is fairly elastic, but it also has a tendency to sag underweight or ‘stretch’. This is especially true for knitwear and weaved wool garments. Emptying pockets prior to a wash keep the pockets from stretching.

Pro-Tip: Empty your pockets when you do not need to use them to increase the life of your woolen wear and keep it from stretching.

  • Colour Sort

The next step at our laundry shop is to separate and sort your garments according to color. Our staff groups light woolen fabrics with light ones and make a separate pile for dark woollies.

This prevents color bleeding and transfer. Colour bleeding occurs when the wool gets wet and releases its dye. It can result in color transfer between clothes.

Pro-Tip: Always remember to separate darks from lights before washing your clothes. 

  • Water Temperature

You might think that using hot water for laundry can make your clothes spot-free but consider your wool garments an exception to that rule.

That is because wool is extremely sensitive to water temperature and if the water is too hot or even warm, it can make your favorite pullover shrink. Hot water can also cause color bleeding, make your garment fade or even lose its consistency.

For this simple reason, we only use lukewarm water (around 30-40 °C) to wash your woollies. Our laundromat experts use an even lower temperature for delicate knitwear.

Pro-Tip: Use tepid or lukewarm water to wash your woollies and soak them in cold water before you machine wash them.

  • Mild Detergents

We only use mild and colorless detergents to wash your prized woolen garments. That can keep woolen clothes in shape and prevent them from getting harsh or brittle in texture.

Strong detergents and alkaline soaps should not be used to wash wool because they tend to strip it off lanolin, natural oil that gives wool its distinct texture, strength, and springiness.

Pro-Tip: Only use mild detergents or special wool detergents to wash wool

  • No Bleach

Bleach and wool are natural enemies. Wool is acidic in nature while bleach, even the most diluted varieties of it, are strongly alkaline with a pH of 10 or above.

When combined, bleach reacts with wool, to cause permanent and irreversible yellowing. Bleach can also deform wool and make the fabric cruder overall.

That is exactly why we never use bleach to wash woolen wear at White Spot Laundry services.

Pro-Tip: NEVER use bleach to wash woolen wear.

  • Gentle Wash Cycle

Our laundry specialists always use the wool wash cycle which is gentle and more suitable for washing delicate articles of clothing.

Using high agitation wash cycles can result in shrinkage and ruin the texture of the woolen fabric. That is why it’s important to use low spin speed cycles for woolen items.

Pro-Tip: Use the ‘wool wash’ setting on your washing machine for wool items. If you do not have a wool wash option, go for the ‘delicate’ option with low spin speed.

  • Steam Iron Only

At White Spot Laundry Store, we only use a steam iron to get your wool items wrinkle-free. By doing so, we ensure that your woollies are both wrinkle and scorch-free.

Using a regular iron at a normal setting can denature wool and make it overheated. This can cause a whole lot of problems; when overheated, wool fibers fuse together to form shiny stains. Ironing at a high temperature can also cause scorch marks, which are enough to irreversibly ruin your best woollies.

Pro-Tip: Use a steam iron to iron your woollies. If you do not have one, use a buffer cloth or a pressing cloth and set your iron at minimum.

 Looking for Laundry Service in Dubai?

White Spot Laundry Shop provides reliable wash and iron services for a wide range of clothing items including woolen apparel, formal wear, and undergarments. Apart from garment laundry and ironing services, we also provide dry cleaning services including same-day dry-cleaning in Dubai.

If you are looking for a laundry partner, give us a call, or place your order Laundry services.

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