Same Day Dry Cleaning

In a rush? Do you want to get rid of your dirty clothes, but you are too occupied to do so? White Spot Laundry will put an end to all the worries regarding your clothes with its convenient and high-quality laundry services.

We offer same-day dry-cleaning in Dubai for the residents of Barsha and Barsha Heights, with the aim of giving you time to do what you love! Our goal is to liberate you from your workload with our 24-hour laundry service in Dubai.

Doing laundry yourself will cost you a lot of time, White Spot Laundry provides you with all in one laundry services where your clothes will be picked and delivered back to you after being professionally cleaned. Knowing that professionals are taking care of your clothes is so satisfying! We understand your struggle of keeping up with a work-life balance that is why White Spot Laundry provides top quality laundry services in Dubai

Professional dry-cleaning and ironing service Dubai are a necessity more than a luxury because it offers advantages that cannot be attained from cleaning and washing clothes at home. Dry cleaning will leave your clothes looking as good as new.

Fluids used in the process of dry cleaning at White Spot Laundry can remove all sorts of stains and soils from fabrics. One of the advantages of using dry cleaning is its capacity of dissolving grease and oils that cannot be washed through the water. Although not every garment needs to be dry cleaned but appropriate care can make your clothes last longer and look great all the time.

The outdated home washing and drying cannot give you the results that today’s dry cleaning can give because the products involved in the dry-cleaning process are comparatively mild and gentle on your clothes. Cleaning at home may remove stains but it will most likely damage the quality of your garment.

We at White Spot Laundry have a team of professionals so you can trust us with your items because your garment will be treated after being inspected thoroughly. Another benefit of dry cleaning is that your clothes do not have to undergo agitation of washing machine that may affect the fibre.

Do you ask yourself this question while living in Dubai; the best service for laundry near me? You will be happy to know that White Spot Laundry offers quality laundry service and dry cleaning in Dubai.

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